Library Software

School Library Software is a comprehensive library management system that is easy to install, fun to use and is packed full of excitement to engage your students. The user website can be customised to your schools branding/theme for a unique finish. embraces the widest range of resources including physical ( laptops and equipment ), digital and printed resources. Students and staff may book resources such as rooms, laptops, attendance at events and leisure services, giving the students a one stop shop for many of their activities.

  • Easy search options make finding items fast and fun.

  • The personal area can be packed full of configurable options so that staff and students can maintain reading lists, favourite searches, favourite topics, favourite items and their profile.

  • Staff and students can use the 'Circulation Desk' website to help out in the library. This module requires no training.

  • Self-service application is provided to allow pupils to issue, renew and return items in an unmanned library.

  • Staff and pupils can access the website from their PC's, tablets and mobile phones if authorised.

  • Attractive pricing for both 'Cloud' and 'On-premise' configurations.

  • Cloud licences mean that schools can share the costs of a library management system and yet still retain their own private catalogues of items, students, staff and patrons as if they had their own library management system.

  • Cataloguing could not be quicker because you can connect to other libraries and use their catalogue definitions.

  • The reporting module delivers management information elegantly, quickly and in a variety of formats (including print and electronic).

  • Schools participating in a cloud can share a common library catalogue, which can significantly reduce the workload for library staff.

  • Communication with parents may also be managed by the powerful reporting system.

  • Biometrics and active directory are supported for fast check-in, check-out and authentication.

  • integrates with student information management systems (SIMS), virtual learning environments (VLEs) and PC booking systems.