Library Software


Art Collection Library Software is a comprehensive library management system. It’s easy to install, use and it is customisable to your branding. From paintings to sculptures provides an easy and affordable way to catalogue all types of art. 


Why choose us?

  • Wherever your art collection is: a gallery, a school or a special collection. We know how valuable and important a resource they are and how they require excellent management which is facilitated by
  • Custom templates can be provided, so that art teachers and non-library staff alike can maintain their art library without needing to have any library expertise.

What we offer

  • The ability to catalogue and categorise items within the Online Public Access System (OPAC) using the advanced web technology.
  • We can help you to develop an eCommerce site where artists can promote and sell their work with ease.
  • An easy search engine that makes retrieval of materials quick and stress-free.
  • The capability to add images, hyperlinks and thumb-nails to each catalogued item for an engaging and eye-catching website.
  • An art library management system, which is intuitive and reactive. No need to enter an artist’s details every time a piece of work is catalogued.