Library Software

Art Collections provides an easy mechanism to catalogue art in all its forms such as paintings, drawings, pottery, textiles, sculpture, photography, jewellery, ceramics, metalwork and woodwork to give just a few examples.

  • Art collections reside in schools, colleges, universities, galleries, museums, prisons and special collections. They are a particular important resource, which requires good management. facilitates the easy management of this valuable resource.
  • Putting art on your Online Public Access (OPAC) system provides great encouragement to the artists and acts like a shop window to promote your art on the Internet or locally within an Intranet.
  • Associated with each item of art, you can store visual images, hyperlinks and thumb nails to view images online with eye-catching clarity.
  • Every attribute of an item of art can be captured in the catalogue. Items of art with common attributes can be retrieved quickly and easily using the easy to use web technology.
  • Authorities such as details about the artist, the artist's biography and photos need only be entered once. Any changes to authority details are automatically applied to linked records e.g. their paintings.
  • Within the Online Public Access (OPAC) system, students of art can find exciting art by searching the catalogue for items of interest and can then focus on their particular specialities and areas of interest.
  • Custom templates can be provided so that art teachers and non-library staff can maintain their art library without having to have any library expertise.
  • If configured as an eCommerce site, artists can offer their items for sale and receive payment.