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Public Library Software offers branded library management systems
that are easy to install and available on all devices.

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Public Libraries offers branded library management systems
that are easy to install and available on all devices.

Discover more about Public libraries has been designed to support public libraries as profit centres, which are self-funding.

To support such services, the public libraries have to manage training courses, rooms, accommodation, events, leisure services, access to Council services and resources which perhaps takes public libraries out of their comfort zone. However the rewards are substantial with facilities like venue catalogues contributing millions in income.

Many public library services are still offering the same services they offered some 10 years ago, and their chosen LMS focusses almost exclusively on bibliographic records resulting in many public libraries closing.

How many public libraries do not support self-issue and self-service using a mobile phone or low cost (under £150) tablets)? Some public libraries prefer to stick with SIP2, because this worked 10 years ago and they trust it, but LMS soutions like use PWA technology to provide fully branded and personalised downloadable apps for mobile phones. PWA technology has the convenience of a standard ‘app’ without incurring the vetting procedures of Apple and Google. is a comprehensive library management system that is easy to install, fun to use and is packed full of functionality to address all library functions and extended library services.

We welcome pre-market engagements (PMEs) and G-Cloud enquiries, because after a tender has been published, it is too late to make any recommendations.

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Why Choose Us

  • manages the income streams needed to make your libraries profitable. Should you be depending on Council support to keep your libraries open?
  • allows you to make full use of devices such as mobile phones and tablets for low cost circulation activities. So you do not need to use expensive self-issue devices, which use the SIP2 protocol and supports limited functionality.
  • supports PWA solutions for mobile phones, which give you the convenience of ‘apps’ and the fully branded library functionality of a responsive web application.

What We Can Offer

  • Attractive pricing
  • Stock rotation between libraries
  • Online content management for webpages
  • Advanced messaging & helpdesk management
  • Advanced multilingual search capabilities
  • Stock checking facilities
  • Comprehensive management of reservations
  • Capability to maintain professional catalogue records ( using MARC 21)
  • Facility to catalogue artefacts with many photos for 3D items
  • Automated messaging for invitations to events, event tickets etc.
  • Automatic generation of fines, notifications for items awaiting collection and recalls
  • Management of acquisitions, orders and sales
  • Management of patron purchases, sales, commission, fines, admin fees, event tickets, booking fees and event delegate records
  • Support for multiple collection points and library consortia
  • Support for mobile libraries
  • Diary management for bookings and confirmations
  • Cataloguing to support accommodation, event, training courses, equipment, any product and any service.


Demonstrations can be undertaken either onsite or as 'webinars' on the internet. Webinars are quick to set up and you do not need to move from your desks.
Please state your particular interest to be covered within your 247lib,com demonstration.



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