Prices for Art Collections and Museums allows you to manage the widest range of items. offers you the facility to create friendly templates for ease of information entry and management together with the facility to store multiple graphical images, which can then be viewed using an online portal to showcase your collections.

Best for Art Collections and Museums



per month / excl. taxes

  •   Free 30 day trial
  •   Online configurator for library supervisor
  •   Library catalogue
  •   Import/view external catalogues e.g. British Library
  •   Keyword search and browse
  •   Advanced search and browse
  •   Reports
  •   Book covers for portal
  •   Loans and reservations
  •   Reading Lists
  •   ‘Likes’ (optional)
  •   Star-ratings (optional)
  •   Promotions (optional)
  •   Reviews (optional)
  •   Hosted support

Further options:

  •   Online portal ( web OPAC ) to own design!: POA
  •   Mobile ‘app’: POA
  •   Tablet/PC self-service/self-issue: POA