Prices for a Prison Library

Ideal for a prison library with fast onsite installation in a secure library. ANS staff are skilled at fast installations for prisons.

An intranet portal for prisoners is available.

Best for Prison Library



per month / excl. taxes

  •   Free 30 day trial
  •   Online configurator for library supervisor
  •   Library catalogue
  •   Import/view external catalogues e.g. British Library ( if permitted by prison policies )
  •   Keyword search and browse
  •   Advanced search and browse
  •   Reports
  •   Loans and reservations
  •   Portal for prisoners - see below
  •   Book covers for portal
  •   Reading Lists
  •   ‘Likes’ (optional)
  •   Star-ratings (optional)
  •   Promotions (optional)
  •   Reviews (optional )
  •   Automated messaging for overdues
  •   Online content publication
  •   Online user surveys/ tests
  •   Acquisitions and Finance
  •   Serials management
  •   Hosted support

Further options:

  •   Intranet Portal for prisoners: POA