Library Software

Introduction to the Library Management System is library management software, which allows you to use a standard web browser for managing your library, so you can manage your library using Windows PCs, Apple MACs, low-cost Chromebooks, tablets or even mobile phones.

Configurations are available for charities, colleges, schools, health libraries, corporate libraries, law libraries, prisons, public libraries, government libraries and special libraries. is suitable for organisations of any size from those run by volunteers to large enterprises. is based on MARC 21, the international standard used by publishers and libraries worldwide, so you can import and export bibliographic records easily and can use MARC 21 utilities for your online housekeeping.

MARC 21 supports the cataloguing of all types of item e.g. news, events, rooms, assets etc. supports the cataloguing of all items in MARC 21 in any language.

With its colourful web browser interface and clear screens, with online help, staff and users find library software intuitive and easy to use.

You can access your library and resources from anywhere including your school, workplace or home.

Your users want to search the library catalogue through a website, which engages and excites. We refer to this website or portal as an OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue). Unlike other library systems, OPACs are tailored to each client and can emphasise your own individual identity, so that your OPAC is unique and reflects your brand; a OPAC highlights the special nature of your collections, will raise the profile of your library and your collections.