Prices for Corporate Collections

Our pricing depends on the number of library staff. The price per user falls as you add further library administrators.

Our pricing for your online portal is dependent on the user interface and functionality you wish to include in your portal. The user interface can include any information which you feel would be useful to your readers, and with the facility to publish your own online content, you can keep your users in the know about everything which is happening

Best for Corporate



per month / excl. taxes

  •   Free 30 day trial
  •   Online configurator for library supervisor
  •   Library catalogue
  •   Import/view external catalogues e.g. British Library
  •   Keyword search and browse
  •   Advanced search and browse
  •   Reports
  •   Book covers for portal
  •   Loans and reservations
  •   Reading Lists
  •   ‘Likes’ (optional)
  •   Star-ratings (optional)
  •   Promotions (optional)
  •   Reviews (optional)
  •   Advanced automated messaging
  •   Online content publication
  •   Online user surveys/ tests
  •   User account management for payments
  •   Acquisitions and Finance
  •   Serials management
  •   Hosted support

Further options:

  •   Online portal ( web OPAC ) to own design!: POA
  •   Mobile ‘app’: POA
  •   Tablet/PC self-service/self-issue: POA