Library Software

College Library Software is a comprehensive library management system that is easy to install, easy to use and customisable to your branding.

A colourful online website (OPAC), to your design, engages students and provides access to physical, digital and printed resources. The powerful and intuitive search facilities allows students to find what they want quickly and easily on PC's, tablets and their mobile phones. embraces the widest range of resources including books, equipment, stationery, clothes and items for sale. Students and staff may book resources such as rooms, laptops, attendance at events and leisure services, giving the students a one stop shop for many of their activities.

Library staff have a web-browser solution to manage their collections and catalogue records which embraces all the activities of college librarians including; cataloguing, stock management, acquisitions, finance, reporting, periodicals, user management and circulation. The system supervisor uses a web-browser application to turn on/off required functionality quickly and easily. is a cloud solution with attractive cloud licencing for colleges operating across one or more sites. includes:

  • Attractive pricing
  • Multi-campus support
  • Comprehensive web browser solution for library staff
  • Engaging OPAC for students
  • Online website for system supervisors for fast configuration
  • Unrivalled search on both content and bibliographic records
  • Z39.50 support for fast import of catalogue records from any reliable source e.g. British Library
  • A separate easy to use 'Self-Service' application for low cost tablet kiosks
  • A separate easy to use 'Circulation Desk' application with option for fast keyboardless scanner-based operation 
  • 'Apps' for mobile phones and tablets including self-issue for authorised staff and user groups
  • Can be hosted on ISO27001 platform with all upgrades and IT housekeeping done for you
  • All personal data is kept secure and compliant with GDPR and NCSC recommendations
  • Book covers and content from Amazon or any content enhancer
  • Facility to easily create email notices to your design
  • Automation for sending notices e.g. overdue notices under control of a scheduler 
  • Create your own reports with drag and drop (no language to learn)
  • Choose what reports you want by downloading from our collection of over 200 report definitions on our website
  • Management of reading lists
  • Support for RFID and EM security devices