Library Software

University Libraries is a comprehensive library management system that is easy to install, easy to use and packed full of engaging web pages, that are customised your branding, to capture your students attention. 

ANS understands the needs of a university such as support for mulitple campuses and an automated mass email mechanism. We have highlighted some of the key functionality that 247lib can provide below:

  • adheres to all the recognised library standards (e.g. MARC 21 and Z39.50) and facilitates the adoption of the highest professional standards of librarianship.
  • Cataloguing could not be quicker, because you can connect to other libraries and use their catalogue definitions.
  • 'See and See Also' support allows fast navigation between Broader Terms, Narrower Terms and Related Terms and means that synonyms may also be used in authority searches.
  •  Ability to manage items like news, events, discussions, room bookings and meetings.
  •  You can design your own report templates.
  •  Very fast extraction of information into Excel, Word, CSV and flat files for office reporting.
  •  The flexible scheduler will send out notices automatically.
  •  Biometrics and active directory are supported for fast check-in and check-out and authentication.
  •  Easy but very powerful search options make finding items fast and friendly both in your website and in the library system.
  •  The personal area of a website can be packed full of configuration options to that students can maintain their profile (photos, personal objectives, friends, inbox, outbox), reserve items, cancel reservations, book equipment & services, loan history, fines and charges, reading lists, favourites.
  •  Students can access the website from anywhere. Those students and staff with older PCs will not be compromised, because has a fast response even on low powered PCs.
  • integrates with student information management systems (SIMS), virtual learning environments (VLEs) and PC booking systems.
  • supports barcodes, electronic tags and RFID.
  •  Using the Z39.50 server your library can become part of the world's library network and can be searched from other library systems.