Library Software

Some of the benefits of are summarised below:

✓A Robust Library Management System built by the UK’s top library specialists.
✓ Scalable for small libraries with 1 librarian up to large libraries with millions of transactions
✓ Comprehensive – you get all the functionality you need in one system.
✓ Configurable - you can turn off those modules you do not need!
✓ Intuitive, easy to learn and easy to use.
✓ Application may be run onsite or hosted by ANS using the Internet
✓ Easy to install since only need to install software on one PC server
✓ Based on industry standards (MARC 21, Z39.50, XML) for interoperability with other systems
✓ Perform high quality cataloguing by using Z39.50 to import catalogue definitions.
✓ Power search capabilities allow library staff to find items quickly and give a quality service.
✓ Ergonomic design allows library staff to provide services easily and quickly
✓ Excellent integration with productivity aids such as barcode readers.
✓ Automated import/update of patron data with associated photos saves time
✓ Easy import of web addresses and links to electronic data
✓ Multi-media support, including integration with electronic documents/resources and web sites. Link images, sound files and/or video clips to records
✓ Easy for librarians to manage loan strategies
✓ Web based supervisor module gives control to library staff.
✓ Easy to use stock-take facility
✓ The periodicals module is best of breed at handling subscriptions, irregular issues, circulation lists and claims with consummate simplicity.
✓ Our solution provides quality management information and maintains comprehensive statistics.
✓ Fast ad hoc reporting directly into Microsoft Office tools such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.
✓ Delivery of notices via Email and SMS saves time and money
✓ Scheduled notices can be automatically emailed, printed or SMSed saving time
✓ Custom-built OPACs deliver your exact requirements.
✓ Can have multiple web OPAC interfaces (e.g. public & internal or English and Chinese)
✓ OPAC options include hot topics, recent additions, news, events, discussions, bookings, RSS feeds, blogs and websites to encourage engagement
✓ Powerful search options in OPACs allow OPAC users to find items quickly.
✓ Quality display of book covers, art work, planning documents and other graphical catalogue items provides visual interest to the OPAC.
✓ Graphical display of authorities such as authors’ photos provides colour and interest.
✓ Clients maintain personal information in their secure client area. Clients can maintain their profile, place reservations, cancel reservations, renew items, request items, view their loans history, provide feedback, take electronic surveys, review items, send messages, receive messages and specify list of special interests. These features are very popular and increase usage.
✓ Automatic notifications can inform clients of new resources, which match their interests.
✓ Comprehensive interlibrary loan services. Remote libraries may be searched and items can be obtained from the cheapest or quickest source to save money and time respectively.
✓ Self-service software for self-service machines ( DIY)
✓ Based on Microsoft SQL Server for 24 hour system operation and automated backups
✓ Integrates with 3rd party ‘search’ engines and Virtual Learning Environments such as Moodle, BlackBoard