Library Software


Charity Libraries

Charities need robust library management software to manage their libraries. is easy to use and an ideal solution for a charity library. Charities also use to manage their website. Using to change the web content of your web sites is fast and quick, so is the ideal tool to promote news, events, discussions, training courses, guidance and advice.

  •  ANS is pleased to offer charities at reduced and very special discounts provided that:

                a) You are a registered charity   


                b) You are a Community Interest Company

  • ANS offer several ways to purchase which provides the flexibility requested by funders. 
  •  You get the full solution and an online website for users to search your catalogue which will promote the services of your charity.
  •  We offer discounts on hosting fees, if you do not have the infrastructure to support internet access.
  •  In the website, we can include fund-raising, gift-aid and donation instructions, which encourage support for your charity.
  • ANS encourages its employees to be involved in the community and charities. So if you can tell us what you do, we will put your details on the company noticeboard. We cannot promise that our staff will help, because it is their personal decision as to which charities they chose to support.