Library Software

Corporate Libraries


Corporate libraries range in size from small collections to large libraries with many thousands of items. has the flexibility to support all sizes of corporate library.

We highlight some of the feedback from our corporate libraries below:

  • Comes with all the functionality required to manage a corporate library.

  • Z39.50 connectivity to the British Library and other sources of excellence allows rapid cataloguing to a high standard even if cataloguer is not experienced.

  • Experienced librarians appreciate its compliance with the high standards they wish to retain.

  • Borrower management makes communicating with your users easy and straightforward.

  • Periodicals management in saves a significant amount of time in managing subscriptions, issues, copies and claims.

  • The reporting module provides exceptional reporting with information presented in many formats such as Excel & Word.

  • The ability to create your own report templates easily is widely used.

  • Reports can include your own corporate branding and logos.

  • Extended use of powerful email facilities means that polite reminders and overdue notices are well-received.

  • Having a tailored website increases corporate brand awareness and increases usage figures.

  • Search capabilities are extremely diverse and save time when you are looking for items.

  • Full content searches index every word on every document page to find the document you are looking for with sub-second response. corporate users rave about this feature, because it saves them so much time.

  • Support for active directory authentication means that users do not have to log in again on the website to access their personal area with their personal information.

  • Publication of minutes, important company announcements annd health and safety notices via the website have proved cost-effective and easy to implement.