Library Software

Prison Libraries

Prison library staff expect the same quality of service from their library management software as they see in libraries outside the prison is a comprehesive and fully integrated library management system, which gives prison library staff the functionality they expect and much more. are aware of associations such as the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA).

  • allows you to set up different types of library staff users with restricted access rights. allows local users to assist prison librarians to help in the library without compromising security.

  • Within a prison, can be installed on one machine, which can be accessed via a web browser on other workstations. This allows upgrades to be installed quickly and with little fuss with the main server being held within a secure area. provides a secure web browser environment for use in prisons.

  • is easy to use and quick to learn, which means that training costs can be kept down.

  • To eliminate training costs even further, all training materials and 'how to' guides are downloadable and readily accessible for remote learning.

  • If you would like to allow library patrons to access the library catalogue, allows you to have a tailored OPAC, which is designed for the special needs of the library patrons.


247lib can be used by library volunteers, helpers and prisoners through the "Circulation Desk". This module allows inexperienced volunteers to efficiently process library loans, returns and renewals, through the use of barcode scanners or a keyboard and mouse.