Library Software


College Library Software is a comprehensive library management system for colleges. It’s easy to install, to use and it is customisable to your branding.

Why choose us?

  • Our library management system is easy to use meaning no technical knowledge is needed to: catalogue, manage stock, create reports, manage finances and so much more. 

  • We offer flexible pricing models to suit you and your student’s needs.

What we offer

  • Functionality on all devices including desktop computers and mobile phones via an app.
  • A cloud solution that allows for operation on one or multiple sites.
  • A powerful and intuitive search facility that is easy to use for staff and students alike.
  • The ability to book and manage all types of resources from rooms to laptops and books.
  • Easy to create reports or you can select one of the 200 freely available.
  • Automated overdue notifications so you can easily keep track of stock.
  • Easy to use 'Self-Service' and ‘Circulation Desk’ applications.
  • Functionality to create and manage reading lists.

The Technical side

  • We know how important data security is to the protection of your students and staff. So our systems are compliant with both GDPR and NCSC recommendations, to keep personal information protected.

  • Z39.50 support for fast import of catalogue records from any reliable source like the British Library.
  • be hosted on ISO27001 platform; We will manage all upgrades and IT housekeeping.
  • The library management system includes support for RFID and EM security devices. Library management system. College library system. Notebook laptop study Library management system. College library system