Library Software



Government Library Software

A secure, efficient and cost effective solution for storing and organising documents, both online and in print.


Why choose us?

  • We offer a tailored library management system with a wide range of advanced security options to protect your data.

What we offer

  • A library management system that works for you, with full and dated content search indexes to help you quickly find relevant documents.
  • Compliance with the highest library standards including MARC 21.
  • User-friendly cataloguing via Z39.50 connectivity to The British Library.
  • Automated subscriptions, renewals, claims and circulation lists for fast periodicals management.
  • A comprehensive acquisitions module which allows for efficient commissioning and payment.
  • Easily communicate with a wide audience via a powerful email facility or publish news and events directly to the website.
  • A budgeting solution that quickly provides up-to-date facts and figures.
  • An inclusive website design that is fully accessible to everyone.
  • An electronic survey option which can help identity gaps in services and determine priorities.

Security Features

  • The library management system fully complies with governmental security standards and has advanced security options.
  • An optional configuration module to restrict access to users sitting at specific workstations.
  • The opportunity to add biometric authentication. library management system, Government library management system, library management system, Government library management system, government library