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Law Library Software

ANS are authors of case management systems and ‘bundlemakers’ and we have unique expertise building and implementing labour saving solutions for legal practices.

Why choose us?

  • We offer a branded solution and flexible pricing models to suit the specific needs of your legal practice. 
  • Our highly skilled developers and knowledge support desk have 35 years of migration experience and will ensure that the process is smooth and stress free.

What we offer

  • A library management system that works for you, with full and dated content search indexes that allow for both document and biographical searches.
  • Effortlessly manage books, periodicals, electronic resources, documents and case precedents.
  • User-friendly cataloguing via Z39.50 connectivity to libraries worldwide.
  • The ability to integrate with content and knowledge management solutions.
  • Easily create personalised and branded report templates that can be presented in a variety of formats including Excel.
  • Our personalised systems also cater for legal taxonomies.