Library Software


Local Trades

What is it? 

  • Libraries offer the chance for local tradesman to advertise their services and to provide support to the local community. The library can take commission for providing this service. 

How does it work?

  • Web pages are created by library staff for tradespeople to enter information into.
  • MARC 21 tags are then generated to hold all details advertisers enter including images.
  • The pages will be available in the main library catalogue which allow users to search for services.
  • Bookings and payments can be made directly through the library account system.
  • This is a service which will add Social Value to the community.

Example Income Profile:

200 locals traders sellimg services for £10 per month with a comission rate of 10%

200 (traders) x £10 (per month) = £2,000

10% of £2,000 = £200 per month