Library Software


                           School Library Software offers branded library management systems that are easy to install and available on all devices.


ANS has TWO library management systems for schools: for schools: which is a fully functional solution also suitable for colleges.

Hedgehog: which is a fully functional solution for primary schools and secondary schools.

The differences between these solutions are highlighted in this feature matrix.


Why choose us?

  • Intuitive, easy to learn and easy to use.
  • Great support; Built and supported in the UK by library specialists.
  • We offer flexible pricing models to suit you and your student’s needs.
  • Scalable for small libraries with 1 librarian up to large libraries with millions of transactions.
  • Comprehensive –you get all the functionality you need in one system.
  • Send notices via email and SMS saves time and money.
  • Configurable -you only use the features you need.
  • Cloud based –no need to install any software.
  • Based on industry standards (MARC 21, Z39.50, XML) for interoperability with other systems.
  • High quality management information and comprehensive statistics.
  • Library migration expertise.

What we offer

  • The 'Circulation Desk' module which is easy to use for staff and students alike and requires no training.
  • Our self-service application gives pupils independence by allowing them to issue, renew and return items themselves.
  • For academy trusts, we offer cloud licenses which allow schools to share the costs of library management and the workload by using a common library catalogue.
  • Easily manage a full range of resources including laptops, equipment and digital resources. 
  • The capacity to book resources such as rooms, laptops and attendance at events.
  • A configurable personal area that allows staff and students to maintain reading lists, favourite searches and individual profiles.
  • Easy search options which makes finding items fast and fun.
  • User-friendly cataloguing via Z39.50 connectivity to The British Library.
  • A reporting module which allows for easy communication with parents and delivers appropriate information in a range of formats including Word.
  • Quickly check-in and check-out items using biometrics and active directories.
  • Integration with student information management systems (SIMS), virtual learning environments (VLEs) and PC booking systems.


Feature Matrix