Library Software

Special Libraries

Special libraries range in size from small collections run by volunteers to huge libraries with millions of items which are difficult to categorise. For the above reason it is difficult to say exactly what features these particular group of libraries value most.

  • The facility to maintain web pages and websites from the catalogue module empowers library staff to publish content rapidly

  • is easy to use - volunteers require intuitive solutions, which are easy to learn.

  • Z39.50 connectivity to British library and other sources of excellence allows rapid cataloguing to a high standard even if cataloguer is not experienced.

  • Experienced librarians appreciate its compliance with the high standards they wish to retain.

  • Excellent membership management makes communicating with membership easy and straightforward.

  • Having a tailored website increases usage and is overwhelmingly popular.

  •  The configuration option to 'Join Online' is appreciated by societies as a good means to recruit new members.

  • The personalisation of the website, which allows users to tag items of interest, their favourite searches and to include other options in a personal area protected by user name and password, is used as a means to increase membership and as mechanisms to raise funds.

  • Periodicals management in saves a significant amount of time.

  • The ease with which you can extract information into Excel and Word has been much appreciated, since these tools are in common use.

  • Mass mailing facilities allows rapid communication with little effort.

  • Publication of news, events and discussions are popular and widely valued.

  • Publication of minutes, important announcements, health and safety notices via the website has proved cost-effective.

  •  Web pages caters exceptionally well for users with visual disabilities.