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Social Value

What is Social Value?

What does offer?

PRIORITY AREA ONE: Economic Growth




Creating and sustaining employment for local people can provide online catalogues for:

  • Accommodation catalogues allow establishments to promote rooms and employ more staff.
  • Meeting room catalogues allow for sustained business.
  • Local services can be catalogued.

Helping to increase employability of local people. can provide online catalogues for:

  • Training courses catalogues for upskilling
  • Learning materials can be catalogued

Creating more opportunities for local companies 



  • Local comapnies can promote services
  • Everyone can access council services.


PRIORITY AREA TWO: Social and Health




Reducing social isolation


  • Allows people to communicate with each other online.
  • Facilitates communication with Council Services.

Tackling ill-health and supporting greater independence


  • Provides care assessments and self-assessments.
  • RIPS is used by Save The Children.
  • StARS utilise RIPS to provide case management for education services, housing and social care.

Improving the health and wellbeing of locals


  • Catalogues health and wellbeing information and services.
  • Supports online bookings services such as yoga and pilates.


PRIORITY AREA THREE: Children's Services




Supporting Care Leavers


  • Save The Children use RIPS to support legal services, education, health and social care

Helping local schools to improve educational attainment


  • Provides school library systems.
  • Supports online tests to measure attainment.

Supports for vulnerable young people


  • RIPS records ‘vulnerabilities’.
  • is used by The National Autistic Society of Scotland.


PRIORITY AREA FOUR: Environment and Housing




Improving local areas and reducing crime

  • Our portals can promote community safety and support housing management.
  • RIPS processes criminal and environmental cases
Suuporting community facilities and volunteering  

Our portals:

  • Allow community groups to advertise their services
  • Allow volunteers to register online
Addressing climate change and reducing pollution  
  • ‘Readsters’ reduces carbon emissions by taking their library to the work place and they use to allow employees to request resources.