Library Software


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What is it? 

  • People can list public and private events on the library's wesbite. The library can take commission for providing this service. 

How does it work?

  • Private events may be catalogued and managed by any registered user.
  • They can set up a 'delegate list' and send out invitations by e-mail or by post.
  • Delegates can communicate with the host through the wesbite. 
  • There is the option for downloadable barcoded entry ticket.
  • The library system complies with GDPR policies and no information will be handed no out to third parties.  

Example Income Profile:

3 events per month each with a £300 administration fee (payable by the user) plus a commission rate of 10%  (payable by attendees ).

There is an average of 200 atendees to each event costing £25 per ticket. 

£300 x3 = £900 in administration fees per month

3 (events) x 200 (atendees) x £25 (per ticket) = £15,000

10% of £15,00 = £1,500 per month in comission

In total the library would receive £2,400 a month