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CRM Features Now Live!


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is now embedded in The ability to write your own email templates has always meant that library staff could easily and quickly send emails to individual borrowers and groups of borrowers. The new CRM features embedded in allow you to maintain a complete audit trail of communication with each borrower and to run campaigns targeted at specific sets of borrowers. This allows library staff to communicate with audiences who would have a specific interest in certain events and activities in a very targeted manner. The CRM features mean that organisations like School Library Services, who lend items to school staff, can track items lent as mobile teachers move from school to schools. Corporates, who want to target prospects in specific market sectors and charities, who want to track donors can now do so.

The CRM allows the automation of training course, location and event cataloguing, course invitations, course confirmations, course billing and payment in a smooth seemless workflow. One of our clients took over £ 7million in revenue from bookings last year, which shows how valuable the income stream from ookings can be - Can a public library ignore the revenues derived from bookings? Private schools with accommodation, theatres and sports areas can also derive considerable revenues from bookings during the holidays.