Library Software

Public Library Software is a comprehensive library management system that is easy to install, easy to use and customisable to your branding.

A colourful online website (OPAC), to your design, engages patrons and provides access to physical, digital and printed resources. The powerful and intuitive search facilities allows library users to find what they want quickly and easily on PCs, tablets and their mobile phones.

With libraries committed to reduced budgets and self-funding,
 Provides opportunities for self-funding and income generation
 Adds social value

           Better than any other library management system embraces the widest range of resources including:

 Books  Periodicals  Ebooks  Braille  Documents  PCs
 DVDs  Newspapers  Websites  Rooms  Art  Assets
 Casettes  Items for sale  Talking Books  White Papers  Artefacts  eJournals
 Council Services  Training Courses  Leisure Services  Respite Services
 Local Trade Services  What's On  Web Advice  Requests for Help

The public may book resources such as rooms and PCs, giving users a one stop shop for many of their activities. is a cloud solution with attractive cloud licencing for libraries operating across one or more sites. includes:
 Attractive pricing
 Diary management for items that take bookings eg. rooms, PCs
 Stock rotation between libraries
 Online content management for webpages
 Advanced messaging & helpdesk management
 Multilingual and unicode compliance
 Advanced multilingual search & discovery
 Stock checking facilities
 Comprehensive management of the reservation queues
 Flexible management of replacement barcodes & associated data

 Automated real-time messaging when library-defined events occur

The system will allow automatic generation of notices, including: 
 Replacement costs

 Notification of item awaiting collection

The system will be able to process:
 Partial receipt of an order
 Return of damaged, incorrect or unwanted items
 Variations in price/currency since order
 Changes in bibliographic information

 Orders received on approval

To all Councillors, libraries can be self-funding...

Public libraries take revenue from administration fees, fines, overdue fees, reservation fees and replacement charges, but this revenue is not enough to keep libraries open.

However public libraries can make more money by offering online services, which the public want and are prepared to pay for, to bridge the funding gap. For some services, library staff aren't involved and additional workload isn't placed upon existing staff.

If you are interested in keeping libraries open, please read on... or call us to make an appointment for a personal presentation.

Don't close libraries, because once libraries are closed you lose the ability to create revenue streams for the Council, which are needed to support other services.

To view services that can generate income for self-funding, please click here