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‘Making Libraries Profitable’

How do libraries currently generate income?

Libraries can derive income from user administration fees, fines, reservation fees, reservation cancellation fees and PC booking fees, but these charges generate very little income.

How can libraries further generate income?

Amazon started by cataloguing and selling books and noticed that their librarians were trained in the International cataloguing standard called MARC 21 which can be used to catalogue anything. They started cataloguing other items and are now a multi-billion pound company. In the same way as Amazon, public libraries can catalogue additional services at a profit using MARC 21.

Examples of these services are detailed below:






Accommodation, local B&Bs, spare rooms

Meeting rooms

Online shop

Join a club – Book club, tennis club, chess club

Car parking/Electric car servicing points

Training courses

Wellbeing classes ( yoga, pilates, water dance)

Council services

Local trades

Help wanted

Respite care services

Personal tutoring

Leisure services

Events (private)

What’s On