Services Library Software: Training

"Training saves time and money and makes us aware."

Here at Applied Network Solutions we believe in quality training for three main reasons,

  • Preparation: makes the work straightforward

  • Confidence: takes the stress out of your work

  • Knowledge: helps you achieve your objective

Our library software Trainers have a history with libraries, which means that they understand your [the librarians] needs. They will explain, in terms you understand on how it works and how to use your new Library Management System

There are different ways to be trained on library software; we recommend without reservation, that all training should take place at your site. This gives you control and the opportunity to see the new system working in your environment. We will also check the set-up and parameters are to your satisfaction.

Unlike other suppliers, you will receive a full days training on the library system, because we believe this is your day, not ours's library software Training Day

A standard training day runs from 9.00am until 5.30pm, including breaks for lunch and tea/coffee. The day will cover...
Full library software System Overview
Borrower Management [adding and updating borrower information]
Fines, Letters and Overdues Process [if required]
How to Guides
Reports and Statistics
Serials & Periodicals
Stock Item Management
Security settings and much more

To get the best out of your on-site training, we recommend you do the following:-

No more than eight people attending
Make notes and ask questions


Where there are larger numbers of staff to train, we recommend dividing your course attendees into groups of eight so that all staff are able to review their individual issues with the trainer.

ANS can offer a 'train the trainer' approach with documentation provided free of charge, so that you can optimise best value and your trainers are able to train your own staff going forward.

Applied Network Solutions understands librarians and their work, we are here to help and respond to all your requests;

This is our agenda and tips for making your library software training day the best it can be. If you would like more information, or you want to book your onsite library software training session email or telephone +44(0)1256 300 790 and we will contact you back to discuss your needs and requirements.