Library Software


Public Library Software is a comprehensive cloud or on-premise library management system that is easy to install, ergonomic and customisable to your branding. 

The powerful and intuitive search facility functions on all devices and makes finding items simple.

With libraries committed to reduced budgets and self-funding,

Provides opportunities for self-funding and income generation

Adds social value embraces the widest range of resources including:

  •  Books  
  •  Periodicals
  •  Ebooks
  •  Braille
  •  Documents
  •  PCs
  •  DVDs
  •  Newspapers
  •  Websites
  •  Rooms
  •  Art
  •  Assets
  •  Casettes
  •  Items for   sale
  •  Talking   Books
  •  White   Papers
  •  Artefacts
  •  eJournals
  •  Council Services
  •  Training   courses
  •  Leisure   Services
  •  Respite   Services
  •  Local Trade   Services
  •  What's on
  •  Web Advice
  •  Requests   for help

What we offer

  • Attractive pricing
  • Diary management for bookings
  • Stock rotation between libraries
  • Online content management for webpages
  • Advanced messaging & helpdesk management
  • Multilingual and unicode compliance
  • Advanced multilingual search capabilities
  • Stock checking facilities
  • Comprehensive management of reservations
  • The ability to change bibliographic information
  • An automated messaging system
  • Automatic generation of fines, notifications for items awaiting collection and recalls
  • The ability to return damaged or incorrect items. 


















Libraries can be self-funding...

Public libraries currently take revenue from administration fees, fines, reservation fees and replacement charges, but this revenue is not enough to keep libraries open.

To bridge the funding gap, public libraries can offer online services to the public from which they can take commission.

To view services that can generate income for self-funding, please click here